10:10 AM
KEYNOTE: Beyond Reach: How to Go Viral 101

What makes a campaign or content piece go viral? Is it because we want to connect with others? This session will discuss 5 elements that motivate consumers to share and drive up virality and 5 traits that highly successful campaigns have in common.

Marisha Lakhiani

Marisha Lakhiani

Chief Growth Officer | Mindvalley

10:30 AM
IDEATION JUNCTION: Quick Response Innovation - Tackling the Uncertainty Equation

How do you deal with a problem that is constantly changing? Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to respond swiftly to dynamic circumstances. A team of experts play the role of Red team – Blue team, and take on speculative challenges within a VUCA context to help develop problem-solving and decision-making capabilities.

Milica Smudja

Director of Marketing and Communications | Al Barakah Holding

Rohan Kapoor

Rohan Kapoor

Group Vice President, Digital Marketing & Loyalty | Cenomi Group

Vibha Thusu

Vibha Thusu

Global Head of Marketing Communications (Multi Brands) | HIMEL

11:00 AM
CASE IN POINT: How Brand X Got Customers to Do Its Talking

User Generated Content is a powerful strategy: it brings returns exceeding traditional ad spends, promotes authenticity, and builds community. It lets your customers speak for your brand, involving them in your growth journey. It’s like word of mouth but digital; however – widespread impact also means greater scrutiny. This session explores the nuances of turning customers into brand advocates, discussing the challenges along the way.

11:15 AM
Crisis Control – Recovering from a Brand Reputation Hit

Even the biggest brands can take a hit. Whether it is an irate customer kicking up a social media storm or a data breach by nefarious forces –preparing for the worst-case scenario keeps teams alert and able to act with velocity. This session will examine measuring the damage to brand reputation – sentiment and impact on the bottom line; aligning teams (PR, Marketing and Comms) to proactively resolve conflict; and making a resounding brand promise and delivering to it.

Saad Abu Touq

Managing Director of Public Relations | Memac Ogilvy

11:30 AM
11:45 AM
TECH TALK: Are You Building for the Web3-Verse?

Post the events of 2022, Forever Brands like Nike, Starbucks, Gucci, Adidas, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Balmain and Prada all launched or doubled-down on their Web3 initiatives in 2023. At least twice the amount of Forever Brand activations is predicted for 2024. The democratising nature of web3 has shifted power to the individual. The community itself now defines the value of the product. Giving people access to digital assets or tokens such as NFTs, which increase in value over time, helps customers feel they are contributing to a brand’s growth story. Are brands ready for this new mindset?

12:00 PM
Meeting the Socially Conscious Customer Half-way Through

Consumers are more socially conscious than ever. The question arises: do brands need to take a stand or stay away when it comes to a social cause? The paradigm has changed. Consumers are now not only interested in what a brand offers but also in its values, ethical practices, and societal contributions. However, the authenticity of a brand’s commitment is crucial. Consumers can discern between genuine efforts and mere tokenism. Discover how this brand effortlessly balances purpose and promotion for the ideal brand image.

Andrej Arsenijevic

Andrej Arsenijevic

Executive Creative Director & Sustainability Lead| Commonwealth - McCann WorldGroup

12:20 PM
TECH TALK: How LLMs Have Forever Changed Marketing As We Know It

In recent years, the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) has ushered in a paradigm shift in the field of marketing, redefining conventional strategies and reshaping the way brands communicate with their audience. One of the primary ways LLMs have transformed marketing is through their ability to analyse vast amounts of data and generate human-like text. Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms enable these models to understand context, sentiment, and user intent, allowing marketers to tailor their messages with a level of precision and relevance previously unattainable. Moreover, thanks to these models – content creation, personalisation, and SEO strategies have undergone exponential reshaping. This session explores strategies for keeping pace with these transformations, ensuring your brand remains relevant in the evolving landscape.

12:35 PM
Marketing Matchmaker: Finding Partners That Are a Brand Fit

If the future is consolidation, brands would do well to build an ecosystem around themselves. This session will uncover strategies to establish rewarding brand partnerships that bring mutual and lasting success. Learn about what to consider when looking for alliances, and how to ensure business purpose aligns seamlessly with the audience and curates a more impactful brand experience.

Pallav Singhvi

Pallav Singhvi

Vice President and Head Consumer Business | Almosafer - Seera Group

12:50 PM
Letting Gen AI Answer The Next Call

Can you trust Gen AI to speak for your brand? Can Gen AI be your next service agent? There are plenty of exciting bits to welcome AI agents to the team. It can work round the clock and deal with repetitive work. This session will explore the challenges and guardrails businesses need to leverage Gen AI for customer service.

13:05 PM
Marketing Trivia
13:20 PM